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SM SOLAR SYSTEMS are spear heading in the field of solar energy products and are in this market for nearly a decade.
     The partnership with our business channel partners is strategically well placed which yields a strong bonding between the customers and the company.

Solarizer - The eco-friendly products of EMMVEE shall not only go a long way in helping global efforts in conserving the environment but also helps customers in reducing their electricity bills, thereby generating additional savings. EMMVEE is continuously working on introducing new technologies in both manufacturing process and management practices and has become the specialist in enamel-coated tank.EMMVEE is the pioneer and the only manufacturer of glass enamel coated tanks of sizes of 100 to 3000 liters for solar water heating systems in India. The lifetime of a glass enamelled tank is simply higher when compared to stainless steel tanks. The additional layer of glass enamel on the steel layer increases the strength of the tank, the resistivity against corrosion and guarantees a highly hygienic water quality for a long time. the name that stands for "Quality, Reliability and Long life". Emmvee solar, the manufacturer, is one of the pioneers in promoting use of solar water heaters. . Till date there are over 40,000 domestic water heaters and 5000 industrial systems amounting to a total capacity of around 200 million liters per day.

V-Guard solar water heater - Ensure hot water for all seasons with V-Hot Series of Solar Water Heaters from V-Guard. This wide array of water heaters help cut down your electricity bills and are suitable for a broad range of applications - from homes, hotels to commercial applications. V-Guard V-Hot Series Solar Water Heaters come with an evacuated tube collector system that enables an optimal utilisation of solar energy. The PUF insulated stainless steel storage tank prevents heat loss. The V-Guard V-Hot Series Solar Water heaters dramatically reduce your electricity bills, help conserve energy and are environment friendly. These water heaters work on solar energy and are available in quite a few capacity options. Our natural resources are finite and that's why the use of non-conventional methods of heating water has begun. These are inexpensive, safe, reliable and are easy to maintain. More importantly, they are eco-friendly and provide trouble free service for years together. V-Guard as a brand is committed to enabling solar everywhere and bringing the power of the Sun to people in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. So cut down on your electricity bills and ensure hot water even when there is a power cut with the V-Guard's V-Hot Series of Solar Water Heaters.

Water Softner Solutions - We, at Ion Exchange Pure Systems, believe that the success of an organization is based on the foundation of outstanding quality, excellent customer service and innovation. We have focused our expertise on designing and engineering of Purifying Drinking water, Industrial Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Plants.Quality is a hallmark of our product. We do not compromise on quality front in manufacturing of Drinking Water Purification Equipments. Our special training module, developed for our employees, helps in producing premium quality Water Purification Equipments including Sea Water Desalination Plants, Waste water Treatment Plants. Our crew of experts ensure that the best quality Water Purification Equipments including Ozonators, UV Sterilizers and Cartridge Filters are offered to our clients. We have attained a place of respect for ourselves through our services and we are aspiring to reach the acme of perfection.

Pressure Booster Pump - India’s most admired power solutions provider, with a growing presence across India and over 70 countries worldwide. A truly knowledge driven company, with innovation at its heart, Su-kam develops intelligent power back-up solutions, engineered to be energy efficient and thus reduce the user’s carbon footprint. Working further towards a cleaner, greener planet, they are branching out towards eco friendly inexhaustible energy solutions like solar power, working for a better tomorrow.